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Danielle Hart may be one of the least recognizable names on our list.  It’s rather ironic the same can be said about the rocks she turned into a city phenomenon.  Danielle is the neighborhood navigator with the WeTHRIVE! movement for the City of Cheviot. 

Danielle took on the Neighbourhood Navigator role because of her love for Cheviot.  “I want to do what little part I can to make it a great place to live.” -Danielle Hart. 

You may have noticed hundreds of painted rocks around Cheviot.  Where did they come from?  Danielle Hart and her leadership are responsible for Cheviot going rock crazy.


The Cheviot Ohio, Rocks Facebook group page has soared to new heights in 2019.  The group now has over 400 members, with most members actively painting, hunting, and posting rocks. Rocks are being painted at the Family Day picnic by children.  Rocks are being painted by local businesses who offer prizes when they are returned.  Rocks are inspiring teachers like Kris Evers, who started the Cheviot Rocks Club at Cheviot Elementary School after noticing the painted rocks on Facebook.  Families are making a day out of finding rocks around the City of Cheviot. Think about that for a second, what were once ordinary rocks, are now bringing sons and daughters closer to their fathers and mothers.   

Danielle is involved with several other projects with the Cheviot WeTHRIVE! Team as well.  All promoting a healthy lifestyle for children, ensuring their safety, and providing positive activities for their growing minds.  It is the rocks, however, which put Danielle over the top.  It certainly is a lot easier to accomplish a community project or build something with unlimited funds.  Cheviot Rocks weren’t boosted by dollars, and it wasn’t backed by a fortune 500 super pack either.  It started with Danielle’s vision, some paint, and some rocks.  The rocks movement was built from the ground up, literally.  It takes a certain kind of determination and energy, in order for people to join in and take part in a cause, much less almost an entire city.  The positivity Cheviot Rocks have created will only continue to grow over the years.  Therefore, Danielle Hart is a rock-solid pick for Cheviot Person of the Year 2019.