Krystle Gaiser


Whatever Krystle Gaiser touches seems to turn to gold, and her newly found riches seem more often than not to benefit the many, instead of the few. Krystle and her husband Cory are the creators of the WestSide Market, with Krystle operating as its Project Coordinator. The WestSide Market just completed its second run, capping off the season December 15, with its Holiday Market at Harvest Home Park.

It seems more believable the WestSide Market has been operating in the city for over ten years, instead of just two.  This being a testament to the attention to detail that goes into every endeavor Krystle takes on, and there are many. Krystle and Cory are also the owners of Gaiser Bee Co. and plan on opening another business in Cheviot, later in the Spring of 2020. (New Body Aesthetics)

Krystle’s community initiative doesn’t stop there though, actually, far from it.  In February of this year, you may remember a meeting was called asking for volunteers to help ensure the future of the Harvest Home Fair and Parade.  Of course, Krystle was there.  She obviously was born a Westsider and that is why she cares so deeply for this community.  Except, there's just one thing, she wasn't. Krystle and Cory are both originally from Michigan.  One thing all of our nominees have in common is their sense of how important instilling a strong community is to them.  They just seem to be programmed this way, and Krystle isn’t the exception to that rule. 

The creation of the WestSide Market, however, is right there at the top of her list of accomplishments.  No other recently created local event even comes close to the amount of city exposure, local small business awareness, and a reason for human beings to venture into the City of Cheviot to spend their money and enjoy an afternoon, or evening here.

The Westside Market features over 80 locally owned businesses per event.  Keep in mind that not every business that applies is accepted.  This is simply due to the fact no matter where the Market is held, eventually, there is no more room.  In two years, this event has brought thousands of customers to hundreds of local business owners.  A local business owner’s ace in the hole is their ability to provide their faces as a stamp of approval to their products.  They’re able to build a meaningful face to face relationship with their customers this way.  Every first Saturday of the month during the Market season a utopia of new partnerships is acquainted and special relationships start coming together.  The Cheviot Gazette itself would not exist in the capacity it does today if the WestSide Market didn’t exist.  Over half of the Gazette’s yearly subscription holders signed up during a WestSide Market event.  It's quite possible without the WestSide Market, the Cheviot Gazette wouldn’t have the funds needed to make and present awards like Cheviot Person of the Year 2019.

 It is truly remarkable that an event with so many moving parts is able to function at this high of a level and has caught on so quickly.  There is no other local event where hundreds of people are waiting outside to get in whether it be hot, raining, or blistering cold.  Krystle knows what she is doing, and she does it well.  Her name carries the weight of a trusted brand.  If you're planning on attending an event orchestrated by Krystle Gaiser, you head in with the confidence it will be done correctly.  It is for these reasons and many more, the Cheviot Gazette has nominated Krystle Gaiser for Cheviot Person of the Year 2019.