Mayor Samuel keller

"A Mayor who gets it done"

During a finance committee meeting held in March of this year, a line item for $500 in funds for the Cheviot Historical Society was up for consideration. It was determined at the time, that the city’s budget was already stretched to capacity, thus making the line item unfeasible. Mayor Keller stated then, that he would secure the funds through other means.


In August of this year, he donated the $500 to CHS, making good on his promise.

Returning the Founders

In July of this year, Mayor Keller and many others devoted a Saturday to retrieve the headstones of some of Cheviot’s earliest pioneers that had made their way to Indiana. The headstones are now in their rightful resting place in the city.

Keller was also one of the driving forces behind establishing a DORA program for the city and business district. A program with enormous potential upside for the city for years to come.

Mayor Keller is a Mayor who, one way or another, gets the job done.