Rich Martin


Rich Martin is the President of the Historical Society for the City of Cheviot.  The Cheviot Historical Society, collects, preserves, and promotes the history of Cheviot.  Cheviot History, created by Rich Martin, works and functions as a research group that provides the Cheviot Historical Society the information needed to find, store, and collect, the history of Cheviot for its archives.  

The Cheviot Historical Society was rebooted by Rich Martin, Robert Klein, Tony Michel, and Roberta Baechle Michel after the city’s Bicentennial Celebration last year.  Local residents got to see the big pay off in November of this year when CHS held its first open house. The public showed up in droves as if Willy Wonka himself was finally unveiling his Chocolate Factory.  The Honorable Samuel Keller, Mayor of the City of Cheviot, provided the space needed for the Historical Society to flourish.  Moving their archives from a closet at City Hall to a 13 x 15 room in the lower level of the Cheviot Memorial Building.  Rich Martin and his team have done such a great job recovering the city’s history that it is almost time once again to expand its storage facility.

The Cheviot Historical Society is comprised of four members. They include President Rich Martin, Treasurer Roberta Baechle Michel, Secretary Robert Klein, and Public Relations Tony Michel.  All four are deserving of being nominated for this award, but if we had to pick one, it’s Rich Martin.  A remarkable trait about his leadership which is enstooled upon every member of CHS is how incredibly humble and modest about receiving individual praise he is.  Martin and his team give you a sense of what an organization who works extremely well and effective looks like.  Without their hard work, there is no telling how much of Cheviot’s history would have been lost to time. The Cheviot Historical Society and friends of CHS, like Greg Kissel, Mary Rebold, Tommy Wegman, and many others have been able to recover important historic items like John Craig's family bible which survived a fire and now is safely secured.  John Craig's headstone was even headed for the trash.  Luckily, this too was able to be recovered before the headstone of our city’s founder was discarded like an old shoe.

Rich Martin Cowrote the book “We Love Cheviot” along with Robert Klein and Roberta Baechle Michel.  The signature signs in the windows of businesses and homes around Cheviot that read “We ❤️ Cheviot” is just another one of Rich Martin’s creations. Seeing them displayed proudly in the windows around the community adds so much character to the city, using just three syllables.

What makes Cheviot so unique is its history.  The history is the foundation of the city.  It’s the cobblestone underneath the asphalt on Harrison Ave.  It’s the photographs of Albers Super Market before it was Franks Nursery, and now an empty lot.  It’s the basis of the pride that each and every resident has for this city.  Our city’s history reflects our long-lasting city traditions.  If it were allowed to fade away, if it wasn’t hunted down, stored and collected, why would future generations continue to celebrate a tradition that no one cared to remember?  They wouldn’t, and they won’t.   Luckily for the City of Cheviot, as long as Rich Martin and the Cheviot Historical Society are around, our city’s history, traditions, and pride are safely secured.  For these reasons and many more, is why the Cheviot Gazette has nominated Rich Martin as Cheviot Person of the Year in 2019.