steve gardener

"Every face has a story"

Steve Gardener is a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker West Shell in his professional life. In his professional life, he sells homes. However, his true passion is sharing the pursuit of dreams and stories of determination of individuals all over the Westside and the City of Cincinnati. 


Steve is a unique person. He is one of those people who actually enjoys listening to others, rather than always talking. 

Steve is the host of the “Faces of Cincinnati,” a publication that spotlights individuals around the WestSide, highlighting their unique stories. This year, because of Steve’s continued hard work with this project, the Gazette is turning that spotlight around.

Steve’s storytelling has helped many business owners, including the Gazette, gain more exposure and open many doors for many new exciting possibilities.

Steve Gardener is the Face of Cincinnati as much as he is for Cheviot.